Processor Graphics becoming increasingly larger share of market

Fudzilla today published this article;which talked about the emergence of and projected market segment share for processor graphics; called in the article "graphics enabled CPUs".

This year in excess of 150m units ( 115 notebook, 45m desktop ) will ship.

By 2014, 83% of notebooks and 76% of desktops will contain processor graphics. Thats a ton of volume given the expectation is north of 400m units, that means somewhere around 300m units a year of processor graphics will ship.

The performance and features we show with the Sandy Bridge graphics samples are going to be a new baseline for the industry. Ivy Bridge next year is going to raise the bar again. Having this baseline in the machine from the get-go will reduce the need for expansion cards for all but the enthusiast, which is why the percentages for processor graphics 3 years out get so large.

Its an interesting time for Intel graphics.
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