- New command line tool

Minutes ago, I updated with a new Microsoft Windows command tool that allows administrators to perform management commands on remote meshed computers, commands like sleep, wake, hibernate and push and pull files from and to remote computers. You can also list meshes and mesh nodes from your account.

This tool is now available in the download section of along with instructions. In general, this tool should make it easy to automate management operations over the internet. For example, if you want to send a wake-on-lan packet to a computer within your network, just type this:

meshcommand wake -n:computername -u:username -p:password

This command will cause Meshcentral to find and send a wake-on-lan packet from other computers on your network. if the sleeping computer's network card is listening, it will wake up. Speaking of sleeping, you can make a computer go to low power state with:

meshcommand sleep -n:computername -u:username -p:password

Note here that the username and the password are the meshcentral account username and password. You must have enabled these features in your mesh policy. You can also send and receive files using the PUSH and PULL commands, this makes is pretty powerful for automated file retrieval.


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