Intel Tool News: ArBB Beta 5 Includes Amplifier Integration - Parallel Programming Talk #107

Welcome to another episode of Parallel Programming Talk – show #107 – Guests: Intel Principal Engineer Michael McCool shared Intel Tool news, and Jeff Kataoka dropped by to discuss the latest info on Threading Challenge 2011.

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    •  Programmers with little or no exposure to parallelism have an opportunity to learn about multicore programming at the UPCRC Illinois Summer School to be held July 25-29, 2011 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Dr. Clay Breshears will be teaching. For more information about the summer school, visit the Web site at Registration is now open and will remain open until June 24, or until capacity is reached, whichever arrives first.

    • Don’t’ forget Multicore Expo – May 2-5, San Jose: New community member and recent PPT guest Roni Simonian will be making a presentation about her company’s debugging software Maze.

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More about Michael McCool: A computer scientist and engineer who focuses on parallel algorithms, applications and languages, McCool works  within the Software Services Group at Intel, specifically on a software development platform for high-productivity (yet efficient!) parallel computing: Intel Array Building Blocks. He's experienced in computer graphics and medical imaging as well as parallel computing, and likes to approach the problem of designing systems by starting with the needs of the application and the application developer. Twitter: @michaelmccool Facebook:

Jeff Kataoka is a marketing program manager for the Intel® Software Partner Program. Jeff joined Intel in 1996, starting in Intel’s Mobile Products Group as a channel marketing manager for notebook PCs. Jeff has held a variety of product management and marketing positions at Intel, several major computer reseller companies and other PC industry companies since the 1980’s. He helped open a franchise chain of PC retail stores and PC repair centers in his earlier days. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley when it was still known as a place of radicals and there are long-hair photos to prove it. He enjoys investigating new concepts or ideas and is especially interested in new technology and new marketing techniques. Jeff likes golf, but is a terrible golfer. He always maintains that he will improve next year.

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