OpenMP 3.1 API Specification Available

I'm happy to share some news for all the OpenMP folks out there!

Last week the OpenMP Architecture Review Board has voted on the final release of the OpenMP 3.1 API Specification. After a successful vote, the Architecture Review Board has released the OpenMP 3.1 API Specification. It is available on the OpenMP webpage for download as a PDF. OpenMP 3.1 is a minor release that does not break with the existing OpenMP code base.

OpenMP 3.1 not only fixes some bugs in the 3.0 specification, it also contains a set of new features that make OpenMP programming a bit more expressive. My earlier blog contains a discussion of the new features that made it into the OpenMP 3.1 API.

There is also a forum available where OpenMP programmers can discuss questions and issues around OpenMP 3.1.

We, the OpenMP language committee, will now focus our attention on the new features for the next OpenMP API specification. Stay tuned!

Happy OpenMP coding!
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