Math flies like the wind

I was preparing a post on algorithmic patterns and how they aid the process of being able to solve computational problems using paallel techniques when I came across the iPod version of Math flyer. Math and Computer Science can be both impenetrable, incomprehensible, and kinda a drudge when you don't look at it the right way.

Math Flyer is the first part of Interactivate to make its way from the web to the iPod. I hope many more wend their way in a similar fashion. Shodor's Interactivate is a wonderful collection of teaching/learning resources that have been delivering on computational reasoning for years and years, helping to build the kind of mathematical intuition essential effective problem solving. I had the good fortune to accompany Bob Panoff, president of Shodor, to the Navajo Nation's capital of Window Rock to present a workshop on Interactivate. Although I am usually focused on parallel and distributed programming, it was great to see how elementary school teachers got so excited about the free tools on the web.

I am looking forward to introducing my grandkids to Math Flyer when they get just a bit past second grade. Useful tools help learning. Stay tuned for more on algorithmic patterns
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