Stop Saying "Lock Free Solution"

I am writing this at the airport, just coming back from the Intel IDF event. I keep hearing that we have "Lock Free" solutions for all sorts of problems. I think that this is a really bad choice of words. Let me try to explain why:

My story starts with a friend who bought a sports car. That was a really good car with A very noisy engine. A new car like that is very expensive so he just got an old one. It worked fine but then one day as we drive to a party the car just stopped. We all went out popped the hood to look at the engine. Lovely engine. Shiny but it's not running. We didn't want to be late so eventually we found the solution. We all went to the back of the car and started pushing. I admit that it wasn't going that fast but we got to the party. Later we found out that the car was out of gas. Two weeks later we went to see a movie and then again the car suddenly stopped working. Now we check the meter and it looks like the car has enough gas. So again we pop the hood and look at the engine. Eventually we find a solution. We all get behind the car and start pushing. We had a few problems up the hill so we went around it. Later we found out that this time it was the electrical system. The third time the car stopped working I told my friend that we need to find a "Push-Free" solution. I just thought that a "Push Free" solution would be more efficient. So now when we have car trouble we try to actually fix it... and we stopped calling it a Push Free solution. Now we just call it a fix.

Sure, it is faster and simpler to just start pushing the car instead of really understanding the problem, and you know what, pushing the car can go around almost any problem that you may have.

Locks can work around almost any problem that you may have. Just do me a favor and don't call it a solution.

When you solve a problem in your application don't call it a "Lock-Free" solution... Let's call it a solution.

** the friend in the story is as fictional as the need to use locks outside an infrastructure mechanism.

Here is more: Locks Are Bad

Here is me at the IDF event:

[Asaf Shelly Intel IDF]Asaf

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