- Mac OS X Remote Desktop

Today we released a new version of the Mesh Agent with a big new feature, web based remote desktop for Mac OS X. It's been a while since we updated the Mac OS X Mesh agent, prior to this release, the last mesh agent was pretty old. This new version 1.46 brings the Mac agent on par with the Windows and Linux agents with built-in support for remote desktop. I can take no credit for this work, my summer intern Madhukar Kedlaya had been working on the Mac OS X project for over a month, and with his internship ending over a week ago it's time to release the code.

The web based remote desktop for Mac is pretty amazing. It's very different from Windows and Linux solutions we have in the other agents, he had to rebuild it completely (a few times in fact). What I find amazing about it is that he was able to grab the login screen of Max OS X and send mouse movements and key strokes to that screen. Getting the desktop image when logged in is on thing, getting the login screen is another completely.

Because of how the mesh agent is installed, people already using the mesh agent on OS X will have to manually re-install the new version. So, going to and re-running the install script will be a requirement. Sadly, I am not able to remotely perform the update. As always bug reports and feedback is appreciated! below are two screen shots I took from remoting my development Mac OS X machine.


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