- All Javascript VNC support!

Tonight I am very happy to announce a very nice new feature to, a new all-Javascript VNC viewer! Actually, I just added support for noVNC, an excellent open source Javascript viewer into In the past, we have VNC support on Meshcentral using Java Applets, in fact we have two of them supported now based on RealVNC and UltraVNC. They worked well, but you needed the Java runtime and they would not work behind HTTP proxies due to security restrictions with java applets.

So, I had been looking at other alternatives and noVNC is quite impressive. About a week ago I started work on making it work, most of the work was to implement full websocket support on It's not easy because you have different browsers acting different and sometimes in unexpected ways. In any case, it only took a week and it's now up on the site for everyone to use.

Basically, you click on one of your devices and click the small "VNC" link at the bottom on the page. This will allow you to select the VNC port and viewer you want and start a VNC session over the Internet. Traffic routing is done over the peer-to-peer mesh, so no need to configure any ports, etc.

The only thing to consider when installing a VNC server is to allow loopback connections since, the traffic may come from your own computer (the local mesh agent). Otherwise, you get anywhere, anytime VNC access any computers you may have with VNC installed.

Of course, we also have our own remoting solution built into the mesh agents and that, as you will see, probably works better since it's been built for web based control from the ground up. Still, if you need VNC, it's there and ready to go. Works on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE9+Flash. Even somewhere working on the Apple iPad, but have not tested that much.

Give it a try!

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