How safe is your Fortran application?

Intel® Inspector XE is often recommended as a great tool for verifying the correctness and security of C++ applications, but it is important to note that this tool works just as well on Fortran and C# programs. If you develop in one of these languages, Intel Inspector XE can be a very valuable tool in your arsenal to help improve software correctness. Intel Inspector XE performs two main types of analysis:

    • Threading analysis detects issues like deadlocks and data races in parallel applications

    • Memory analysis detects various memory issues like mismatched allocations/deallocations and memory leaks

Additionally, Intel Inspector XE helps visualize, report, and filter Static Analysis results generated by Intel® Composer XE (requires Intel® Parallel Studio XE, Intel® Fortran Studio XE, or Intel® Cluster Studio XE suite license) which can detect over 250 issues through static code analysis.

Recently I've been focusing some time on creating introductory information for Fortran developers on how to use Intel Inspector XE. I have created three articles describing how to use the different Intel Inspector XE analyses on a Fortran application. I also presented a live webinar which is now available for download along with the accompanying slides. The links for all of these are included below. If you are a Fortran developer and you want confidence in your application's correctness and security, I recommend taking a look at Intel Inspector XE.

Using Intel® Inspector XE on Fortran Applications – Memory Analysis
Using Intel® Inspector XE on Fortran Applications – Threading Analysis
Using Intel® Inspector XE on Fortran Applications – Static Security Analysis

Webinar and slides:
Under the heading "Using Intel® Inspector XE with Fortran Applications"

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