Accessing Intel® Power Gadget from Intel® Energy Checker SDK

Intel® Power Gadget 2.0 can be associated with the Intel® Energy Checker SDK (Intel EC SDK). Used as an ESRV* DAQ module**, the Intel® Power Gadget can provide processor average power (Watt), cumulative energy consumed (Joule) and instantaneous frequency (MHz) as counters. These counter’s values can then be read by any application using the SDK API or monitored with SDK tools.

To start ESRV with the Intel® Power Gadget, type:

    • 1 socket:  esrv --start --daq --library "C:\Program Files\Intel\Power Gadget 2.0\daq_driver.dll" --channels "1-4" --default_suffixes "decimals = 2" --counters "Number of Sockets=C1, CPU Average Power (Watt)=C2, CPU Energy Consumed (Joule)=C3 integral, CPU Frequency (MHz)=C4"

    • 2 sockets: esrv --start --daq --library "C:\Program Files\Intel\Power Gadget 2.0\daq_driver.dll" --channels "1-7" --default_suffixes "decimals = 2" --counters "Number of Sockets=C1, CPU Average Power_0 (Watt)=C2, CPU Energy Consumed_0 (Joule)=C3 integral, CPU Frequency_0 (MHz)=C4, CPU Average Power_1(Watt)=C5, CPU Energy Consumed_1 (Joule)=C6 integral, CPU Frequency_1 (MHz)=C7 "

    • Etc.

 To monitor – this is not required –, start the PL GUI Monitor typing the following command. Double-click on the newly created PL configuration file in the C:\productivity_link folder (and click Cancel when done). The following figure shows the monitor output. Note that these commands can be saved in a batch file for convenience. 

 pl_gui_monitor --gdiplus --process --trend --transparency 30 --format --geometry "gauges=3x1 position=topxright" --top --title "Powered by Power Gadget"

Please refer to the EC User Guides – including the Companion Applications User Guide – for details on ESRV and PL GUI Monitor and advanced options from Intel® Energy Checker SDK.

EC SDK is shipped with ESRV (Energy Server) which monitors a platform’s energy consumption of monitored or instrumented components. ESRV provides counters for the cumulative energy consumed, as well as the immediate power draw from the power meter or power supply. More detailed information can be found in the Intel® Energy Checker Device Driver Kit User Guide.

ESRV also provides a Data Acquisition (DAQ) mode, which allows the monitoring of system components, such as memory or IO subsystems.

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