- Tiny computers

As many of you know, works best when you have a few computers on your local network. For example: To wake up a computer within your network, another computer needs to be on. Whatever computer is powered on will serve as the relay to send the wake-on-lan packet to the computer that is off. Same goes for Intel AMT if you have it, one powered computer needs to be present to monitor the others. In my own home network, it's my mesh enabled router that serves as the always-on computer. It's small, reliable, low-power and serves as a presence in my network for Meshcentral to use to do it's thing.

Well, I have been looking around the Internet for small low-power computers that I could mesh-enable. Something the is network enabled and runs a Linux kernel. In the past, I enabled PlugPC's, in fact I have a blog and video about it. At 99$, these boxes are quite pretty and work very well, I have one in my lab and put a "" sticker on it. More recently, I have been following the story of Raspberry Pi, a 25$ computer. I am actually more interested in the 35$ version that has a Ethernet jack. It would make for and outstanding mesh network presence and it's powered with a micro-USB cable. So, as soon as I can get my hands on a few, I want to compile the mesh agent for it and have them fully Meshcentral enabled. That would just be great. The Ubuntu/ARM port of the mesh agent may even work on it as-is... I can't wait to give it a try.

In the mean time, I ordered another PlugPC and it should be in the mail now. Plenty more toys to play with. If you know of other low-cost Linux computers, please comment!


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