Hot Areas for Intel Capital Investment: Apps, Mobile Tech, Cloud and Visual Computing

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Last week we spoke with Lisa Lambert, Vice President and Managing Director of software and services for Intel Capital, about the opportunities Intel® Software Partner Program Premier Elite Partners have for applying for potential Intel Capital funding and to get in front of experienced venture capitalists for potential equity investment or support for business development projects.

This week we asked Lambert to highlight the various types of innovative technology startups and software companies worldwide that Intel’s venture capitalists are looking to invest in. Lambert highlighted four areas that her group is most interested in funding:

Software Applications
• Software applications that can be used in the Intel AppUp℠ center, including PC games, travel, business and education applications
• Security software that protects computer systems and networks from malware and viruses

Mobile Technologies
• Device management software that monitors, manages and supports mobile devices at the OS level
• Mobile payment companies that provide alternative payment solutions for money transfers, mobile banking, etc.

Cloud Computing
• Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for provision processing, storage, networks and other computing resources
• Platform as a Service (PaaS) for deploying consumer-created and obtained applications within a cloud infrastructure
• Software as a Service (SaaS) for running operating systems and applications on a cloud environment

Visual Computing
• 3-D graphics software and applications that design, interact and manipulate various visual files, images, video sequences, etc.
• Gaming software and applications for developing visual platforms for interactive electronic games and supporting devices
• Media software that stores and delivers visual data for interactive and on-demand digital services and devices

For Lambert, finding the most innovative software applications and mobile technologies is the highest priority for her team of investors. However, even if companies support Intel’s strategic technology directions or address a rapidly growing and sizable market segment, it doesn’t guarantee applicants will receive investment. While Intel Capital takes into account a variety of criteria before selecting the companies they invest in, including a working product, revenue potential, market size and the executive team behind the product, a key consideration is the return on its investment.

Next week, we continue our series on Intel Capital with an interview with Intel Capital investment director, Vibhor Rastogi, who offers his advice on creating successful investment submissions.
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