Ultrabook™ Developers: Ten Online Resources to Help You Get Started

Ultrabooks™ - thin, powerful netbooks that offer up a whole new way of mobile computing – are gaining traction with consumers, especially as next generation devices come out this fall with touch sensors, GPS, and accelerometer. It’s a good time to be a developer when you consider that the Ultrabook device is really just getting started; we can look forward to devices coming up later this year with gesture recognition, support for perceptual computing, and voice control. In order to support smart developers and give them all the information they need to start crafting apps for Ultrabooks, we’ve pulled together ten resources from all over the Web that give developers data, tutorials, and cutting edge industry leadership. Webinars, videos, hands-on demonstrations, e-books, code samples, slideshows….you name it, it’s on this list!

Community Resources

The Intel® Ultrabook Community is where you’re going to find all sorts of great information straight from the source: anything from Ultrabook Touch and Sensor Guides to a Graphics Performance Analyzer. This resource is a comprehensive hub of tools, tutorials, and the latest in Ultrabook development.

Development Guides

There are several broad guides to Ultrabook development that give a general overview of what developers need to keep in mind, including the Ultrabook and Tablet Windows 8* Sensors Development Guide, an Ultrabook Overview for Software Developers, Intro to Touch on Ultrabook Part One and Part Two, Getting Started with Windows 8 Development, and a fantastic round-up of Intel Developer Tools specifically for the Ultrabook platform. You’ll also want to take a look at this developing for Ultrabook devices overview, which gives you a big-picture view at not only the tools you’ll need to create world-class apps, but also presents convincing arguments as to why the Ultrabook is such a compelling device for which to develop for.

Code Samples

All freely available Ultrabook code samples for Windows 8 can be found in one central location here: Sample Applications. You can also catch quite a bit of example code from actual applications being created or already created by checking out Adding Ultrabook Sensor Control to HTML5 Apps, the incredibly comprehensive Ultrabook Feature Compatibility Matrix for Windows 8 Development, Ultrabook accelerometer samples in action, and from the Windows store, Sensor APIs for JavaScript, C/C++, C#/VB. Don’t forget to look at the newly updated Windows 8 Code Samples on the Intel Developer Zone, offering helpful snippets ranging from Touch to NFC.


Webinars can be a useful way to hear directly from developers and other technically-minded people on new technology and what they are doing with it. The Ultrabook community team put on a series of very well-received webinars that invited listeners from all over the world to participate. These included the following (all webinars are .wmv links, corresponding presentations are .pdf files):


Forums are a great source of knowledge, especially when you’re delving into a new field and there’s not necessarily a ton of information out there to guide you along your way. The Intel Developer Zone offers a wide range of forums for developers, including a dedicated Ultrabook and Windows 8 community.


Want to see an Ultrabook in action? Or (maybe even better, depending on your point of view) an Ultrabook developer in action? Then you’ll want to check out the smorgasbord of videos available to you on a wide range of subjects relating to Ultrabook development. There are over fifty videos on different aspects of Ultrabook development at the time of this writing, and more are being produced on a regular basis. A few that you’ll want to check out: The Ultrabook Software Opportunity, Performance Analysis Tools for Ultrabook Applications, and Samples and Intel GPA on 3rd Generation Intel Core Ultrabook.


Various Intel-sponsored developer events and meet-ups have resulted in a healthy bank of informative slideshows on Ultrabook development.You can see all the Ultrabook development slideshows in one convenient hub here (145 in total): Intel Ultrabook AppLab.

e-Books, Magazines, and Whitepapers

One of the most popular Intel contests to come along in recent years was the Intel Ultimate Coder Challenge, a six-week long intense scramble between six contestants to create the ultimate Ultrabook app; basically, a program that integrated all the great features offered by the Ultrabook device into one supercharged app.  Out of the many great learning experiences that came out of this competition was an e-book written on Ultrabook development by one of the developer contestants: A Simple Guide to Ultrabook App Development. This book compiles all the hard won knowledge that the developers gained in the competition, as well as native extensions and feature API information.

The Intel Software Adrenaline magazine is a great resource for anyone wanting to understand more of what’s going on in the tech world, but for developers, their Ultrabook assets are especially useful.

If you’re looking for extensive research on Ultrabook development topics, then you’ll want to read a white paper. Sources for these include:

Dedicated Ultrabook Websites

Simply because Ultrabook technology is so new, there aren’t really that many dedicated websites (yet) to this platform. However, there are three that stand out: first, Ultrabook News, encompassing device reviews, industry news, and thoughtful insights on where the Ultrabook niche is going. Second, The Code Project, really an online mecca for developers and offering an Ultrabook-specific hub for developers looking for the latest coding information. Third, a brand-new site coming out of the work done in the aforementioned Ultimate Coder Challenge: Ultrabook Labs, meant to function as a “one stop solution for Ultrabook design, development, and testing.”

Social Media

There are plenty of places for developers to connect with others online, especially when it comes to Ultrabook app development. These include:


Twitter (to follow)

Plenty of Ultrabook resources

As you can see, there are a wide variety of resources for the developer looking for somewhere to sink his or her teeth into getting apps ready for the Ultrabook. Is there a resource you find especially useful that wasn’t included on this list? Please let us know in the comments. 

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