A Parallel Programming training opportunity (Xeon processors and Xeon Phi coprocessors)

SC12 is underway, and the opening gala is tonight.  Drop by our booth at the opening (7pm) and check out our amazing space and see what new things we have to share!

You may also visit Colfax's booth to learn about some work they are doing on Parallel Programming.  I understand they'll have classes next year available, which will cover programming CPUs and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors.  It's all about PARALLELISM.  I've seen what material they are working on - and it is definitely worth considering!

As I relate in my book, parallel programming is critical to extracting the performance from all machines for the supercomputing community. As part of our support for parallelism in programming and our broad community of partners helping us out, Colfax International is  spearheading "http://www.colfax-intl.com/DL_Documents/Colfax-XeonPhi-Training-PR.pdf" for the Intel Xeon and Intel Xeon Phi family of products they'll be at the show in booth 2409. Colfax also has more information online at http://www.colfax-intl.com/DL_Documents/Colfax-XeonPhi-Training-PR.pdf

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