- On Intel vPro power monitoring

In this blog, I want to talk about the picture below & monitoring Intel vPro power state from the cloud. With, when a computer is on it self-reports to the web site and so, you see the 7 day power state graph below showing accuratly the black regions where the computer is on. Now, what I want to really talk about is the blue and green regions when the computer is sleeping. See, can't directly see if a computer is sleeping unless another computer on the same network is powered and polling Intel AMT of the sleeping computer and reporting back to the web site. In the picture below the blue regions show when my computer called "Central" was sleeping and my PVR (Media Central PC) was awake and reporting back. You can see that the reports of "Central" sleeping are sporadic because my PVR is only on sometimes and so, we don't get a complete picture... until the last 2 days.

Two day ago, I added the Raspberry Pi 35$ computer to my network. It's always on and started reporting about the power state of all my computers at all times, polling Intel AMT when needed. So, for the last two day of the graph (the top portion) the blue and green are completely filled in.

On networks with at least one computer always on, getting the complete power state picture if not a problem, but for my own home network where I want to keep big PC's sleeping as much as possible, having a low power always on mesh'ed device is pretty nice!

I do want to point out that for people that know Intel AMT very well, using Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) with would allow to directly notice the power state of attached PC's. I have not written for code on the server to do this yet, but regardless, my computer "Central" is Intel AMT 8.0 and does not support CIRA.


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