3 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile-Optimized Website

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Times have changed. These days, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you risk missing a large segment of your potential audience. 

Smartphone users will notice if you don’t have a mobile-optimized website. For example, “pinch and expand” is old school, and if your company is not able to keep current with thumb-friendly options, it will come across as behind the times. By not staying current, you risk credibility with a very important customer market share. 

Reasons to consider creating a website specific for mobile platforms that have current functionality include: 

Smartphones are here to stay

Let’s face it, smartphones are a way of life. According to Mobile Factbook 2012, there will be 6.5 mobile subscriptions by the end of 2012. People no longer carry phones just to contact each other. They carry their phones to be connected to the Internet at all times. That means that they constantly check their e-mail, but they also look for information on the fly. 

If someone is driving home and they hear a good book review on NPR, they want to know that with their smartphone, they can quickly go to a book website and order a copy of it. If that book is not easily found on the mobile website, then you aren’t going to gain a new customer. Quite simply, if your website is not mobile ready, it will be passed over for one that is.

Smartphones are global 

Smartphones give users portable access to the world. According to a report from TNooz.com traveling consumers are using their smartphones to find more information than just destination apps and hotel and booking information.

When people travel, they are also using their phones to get local information on where to eat, shop, and visit. If your website is not fully represented in these online mobile searches, you’re going to lose a potential customer.

Mobile commerce is growing 

According to Gartner, total sales of smartphones in 2011 reached 153.8 million units globally.

That’s a lot of potential income. With more and more people turning to their phones for both information and for making purchases, any website that is not mobile-friendly ends up being left in the dust. 

Mobile functionality is here to stay. In order for your company to remain competitive in this evolving environment, you’ll either need to adapt to new technology and customer demands for ease-of-use or risk losing a large and potentially lucrative audience base. 

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