- Updated Raspberry Pi Mesh Agent

A quick note to mention that I recently updated the mesh agent for Raspberry Pi, Pogo Plug, Linux ARM, Linux-XENx86 and DD-WRT MIPS from version 1.53 to 1.59. The biggest difference is that the file upload feature works correctly now. Before it would get stuck at the upload screen and sometimes create files with garbage names in the file system. So now, both upload and download work great! New mesh agent updates are fully automatic, so no action required, just enjoy the bug fixes.

In the picture below, a screen shot of the web file browser connected to my Raspberry Pi at home. You can drag & drop one or more files onto the browser window to start the upload. To date, you can only download one file at a time, something I would like to fix. Firefox could handle multiple file downloads at once, other browsers can't seem to have a way to handle it. Oh, by the way in Chrome you can drag a file out from the page to the desktop to start a download.


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