Remote Debugging Windows 8 Apps to Intel Tablets from Ultrabook or Laptop Host

One of the first things I wanted to see when I got my new Intel Tablet was to test some of the apps I develop for my Ultrabook.  Initially I packaged the app, saved to a USB drive then, inserted that into my Tablet and installed.  However as I made minor tweeks and changes that solution was too cumbersome. If you are like me and do a lot of trial and error tweaking, a new build for eacg test is not a sustainable option.

So I wondered if I could remote test my code more easily, and sure enough Visual Studio Express has a simple and effective way to remote test your code from one device to another.  And the best thing is it takes about 2 minutes to set up.  See the video below which walks you through it end to end, and or read the instructions below.


Step one: Download the remote debugging client to your target device.  Go to and download the approapriate client app for your target device.  For my Intel Tablet I selected the bottom item in the table.

Step two: Install the Remote Debugger client on your target device then run the Remote Debugger app.

Step three.  In Visual Studio 2012 select Remote debugging from your Debugging options, then when prompted fill in the name of the target device

There you go, you now have successfully remotely launched your app on a target device.  All the features of that device can now be tested such a performance, responsiveness, and or touch and sensor features like GPS and motion sensors etc.  Also try stopping the debugger, edit the code on your host PC and see it immediately updated on your target device. I also found that my app is now updated and installed with the latest code, so I can continue to test the app on the target device without my Host PC on and in debugging mode.

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