Voromoeba - video game based on Voronoi diagrams

I recently released Voromoeba 1.1, a freeware PC game.  In it you are a amoeba-like creature who eats plants, defends against predators, and advances to increasingly tricky levels. What sets Voromoeba apart is that almost every image is rendered as a Voronoi diagram, even the text

The technical centerpiece of the code is a fast Voronoi rendering algorithm that runs at or near frame-rate speeds.  It's a line-sweep algorithm resembling  Fortune's algorithm, but with a focus on quick rejection of parts of the diagram that are off the screen.  I used Intel(R) VTune(TM) Amplifier XE 2013 extensively for tuning the program.  Initially, I planned to parallelize the code to achieve the target frame rate, but eventually algorithmic improvements ena bled the serial code to reach the target, even on a low-power Intel(R) Atom(TM) processor.  The "f" key toggles display of the frame rate (in a non-Voronoi font).

VWhen I finished version 1.0, I realized that I had accidentally built a color-blindness test, since predators were red polygons and food was green polygons.  Version 1.1 addresses the issue by outlining polygons -- light outlines around dark for predators, and dark oulines around light for food.  I used Color Oracle (http://colororacle.org/) as my guide.  I welcome suggestions for further improvements on making the game less of a color-blindness test. 

As far as I know, the only other game based on Voronoi diagrams is the turn-based game "The Voronoi Game".  Voromoeba may be the first arcade-style game based on Voronoi diagrams.  If you like geeky video games, please try it out.

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