Must-Have Skills to Succeed in 2013

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As 2012 has ended, many professionals worldwide are making new resolutions and revisiting their skill sets looking for ways to increase their success chances in 2013. Here are 10 skills to consider in 2013.

1- Lean – workers and companies have become very lean over the past four years. Everyone expects more for less and these expectations will continue in 2013. Streamline and optimize your cost structures to help reduce your fixed and variable costs.

2- Negotiation – negotiation skills can help you stretch the pie. Gone are the days where you can impose your own salary or price. Negotiating each deal has become the new norm. Every penny spent these days is scrutinized.

3- Win-Win – Learn the art of forging a win-win relationship with your boss, clients and partners. You can’t get ahead anymore at the expense of your peers or vendors.

4- Cash Management – Strong cash flow management is now paramount. Upfront payment terms and on time collections are becoming more important for many businesses. Watch your cash flow like a hawk and make sure your collectibles are current on a biweekly basis.

5- Flexible – Be willing to take on a new role or customize your service offering to meet special needs. By being flexible, you can win jobs that otherwise would go elsewhere.

6- Innovative – Don’t work for technology. Instead, have technology work for you to help you automate your processes and methodologies to cut costs.

7- Logical – Do you have clients that insist on a win-lose deal? Reason with them and use logic. Clients understand that you carry overhead and that you need to cover your expenses to stay in business.

8- Realistic – Don’t expect economic miracles to happen in 2013. Most companies have set their plans and budgets with the fiscal cliff looming. Hope for the best, but do plan for another slow year ahead.

9- Global – look for potential upside overseas in terms of either new revenues or lower costs. Overseas suppliers and workers can help reduce your cost and overhead and overseas clients can make up any deficit from local ones. Consider localizing your products for international markets if you are not doing so already.

10- Patience – If things don’t pan out in the first quarter, work for the long haul. The economic recovery will take place, it is only a matter of time and the one that is equipped with all the above skills and with patience will persist.

If you were hoping to hear about new tools or silver bullet technologies to use, you may be disappointed with this post. Instead, you got a list of fundamental skills that will help arm you to face the continuing economic turmoil and better deal with a potential fiscal cliff and budget constraints that we may face in the next few days.

Wishing our Readers a Wonderful New Year!

About the Author

Nabil Freij Intel Software Partner ProgramNabil Freij is the author of Enabling Globalization and the president, founder, and owner of GlobalVision International, Inc. (, a Software Localization and Translation specialist. He is trilingual and holds an MSEE from Brown University and an MBA from Bryant University. Freij has worked for 25 years in the hardware, software, and localization industries. He has traveled the world and lived in five countries. He is frequently published and quoted. Nabil is married and has two children. He currently resides in Palmetto, FL. Mr. Freij can be reached at . You can read his blog at:

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