- Improved Intel AMT Hardware KVM support

A few hours ago, I released a pretty nice improvement to, much improved Intel AMT Hardware KVM support. If you happen to manage computers with Intel AMT 6.0 or above with the right CPU and no added graphics card, you have a remote desktop server built right into your computer's hardware. It's basicaly a VNC server.

Well, if you have such a computer hooked up to, you will now see a little display icon next to the Intel AMT status line. Clicking on this icon will bring you to the web-based VNC system that is now built to fully support Intel AMT Hardware KVM. Enter the Intel AMT username and password and you will see the computer's display and be able to move the mouse and input using the keyboard. Since this is all based on hardware, you can even reboot the computer and see the entire boot sequence on the web page, it also works if the computer is blue screened.

For people who like technical details, I added a lot more code to to be able to connect to the Intel AMT redirection port (TCP 16994 or 16995), authenticate correctly and forward the VNC traffic. So, this new feature does not require that port 5900 be enabled in Intel AMT configuration. Also, this system works by using Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) or by bounding off another computer in the same network. His is how the, being a web site, can route Intel AMT traffic correctly. It can even work behind an HTTP proxy or home router... as long as you have a few computers in your mesh on that network.

I have already rebooted my Intel AMT 7.0 server at home from my office using and it works great! Below screen shots of the device page with the new icon, and the web based VNC screen that asks, not for the VNC password, but the Intel AMT username and password.


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