Intel Ultimate Coder Challenge Round 2 Fight!

The bell has rung and Code-Monkeys is ready to let loose its collective intellect to throw down the competition.  We  just narrowly missed the crown last round, grabbing second place with Wind Up Football. The sting still lingers, yet the drive has been renewed.  Code-Monkeys will be coming to the Perceptual Computing Challenge with guns blazing. For our project we will be taking our soon-to-be-launched game Stargate Gunship and making it a fully immersive perceptual game.  We’re adding hand controls for firing, voice commands to switch weapons and gaze capture for targeting.

Will it be hard? Sure! But this time we are not letting anything stop us from victory.

Our small but capable team is made up of John McGlothlan, the lead ninja … Programmer.  He will be developing and implementing the API to let the Creative camera and Unity 3D coexist in harmony. (Intel has already gone a long way down this road but John is already busy deconstructing that code)  Gavin Nichols, our capable programming artist will be taking the API and integrating the GUI to make Stargate Gunship really pop.  Chris Skaggs and Troy Parker will be the “Is-it-fun-yet?” team and verifying QA questions to be sure we’re poised to take the crown in the end. John Bergquist is our lead technologist making sure the world stays keen on our Victory, yes that's right capital V victory!

The road is void of precedence but rich in amazement. This will distract the competition when they start to see the world they have entered. While it is easy to be distracted, our team will keep the vision on the target like a small beam of light stretching from the summit. While it is a long and steep road we face. The end will bring Programming Glory atop the mountain for all to witness.


Of course, we are inviting all the witness the climb alongside, and to join our rag tag band. To bring your support and comments, to keep our intellect sharp and our keystrokes firm.  This marathon has the potential to turn even the greatest into weary travelers looking for rest.  Yet we will not let the weariness cause us to waver or draw our minds from the final goal.

Indeed - we welcome the challenge!

Thank you Intel for providing us another opportunity to Go-Fight-Win!
Our minds are sharp and our hands are firm. Stay tuned.

Oh and catch a quick round up John shot two weeks ago. We will be giving detailed write-ups filled with code and tech explanations and Chris and JB (John Bergquist)  will be giving a 30k foot roundup via video as well.

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