Partnering with Intel: Mobile Development, Venture Capital, and Developing for Ultrabook™

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The Intel® Developer Zone is where you’ll find resources on how to sell apps, mobile app marketing and developing for the Ultrabook™ just to name a few. Many members of the Intel Developer Zone become Intel® Software Partners so they can take advantage of a number of opportunities at their disposal. We caught up with three software development companies in Brazil that are Intel Partners to learn more about how they work with Intel.


TOTVS provides a variety of administrative and infrastructure solutions to companies in the agribusiness, legal, and retail segments. Seeking to improve the quality of the product it offers to clients, TOTVS used a variety of tools available from Intel to optimize its ERPs code. Before they optimized using Intel tools, they were limited to 30 simultaneous users. After, they switched to 250 simultaneous users and are planning to ramp up to 5,000 simultaneous users.

“Intel has helped us break not the speed of sound, but the speed of light in terms of performance for our clients,” said Weber Canova, vice president of innovation and technology.


Some Intel Software Partners can work with Intel Capital on potential venture funding. Intel Capital, Intel's global investment and M&A organization, makes equity investments in innovative technology startups and companies worldwide. Intel Software Partner Pixeon worked with Intel Capital to secure funding to expand its business, which will entail doubling business development employee headcount while also managing current contracts. Headquartered in Florianópolis, Brazil, Pixeon specializes in picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) that enable the digital management and processing of medical images.

“The partnership with Intel Software allows us to know beforehand what’s to come and provides critical routine optimization that’s bringing greater results through the use of Intel® platforms,” said Fernando Peixoto, director of research and development.


Software development company Smyowl builds products that help simply a user’s life and provide some fun with games like Button Soccer. This young company finds a source of support and community thanks to its partnership with Intel. The Smyowl team receives online and team support from Intel experts and engineers. With this support, Smyowl is expanding its audience by developing apps for the Ultrabook.

“Ultrabook is an almost new way of using computers. It is in effect a computer which brings together the best of both tablets and notebooks. We have tried to devise applications and game experiences which go beyond what is available on a traditional notebook,” said Mauricio Tadeu Alegretti, director of technology.

Software development companies of all stripes have become Intel Software Partners, and each company finds a way to work with Intel that suits its needs. Are you an Intel Software Partner? How are you working with Intel? Tell us in the comments.



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