Simian Squared Go Perceptual: Ultimate Coder Week 3

Afternoon all! 

This week we've been rather busy as The Other Brothers is gearing up for release, but here's what we've been up to:

Earlier in the week, Bob hosted a Hangout with some of us involved in the challenge, it was nice to have a chat and I hope we can do it again soon!
Here's me: 

We were able to get a model in and deforming to touch however we noticed an issue with teleporting touches so we decided to use linear interpolation to interpolate between touches which gave us a longer-lasting direction vector. 

A direction vector is a way of describing what direction your touches are going - and this is a difficult thing to get right. The data you work with may not necessarily be stable: Distance from the screen, different hand sizes and environmental conditions all contribute. 

You also have to worry about how people naturally behave. You have experienced users who will expect to move in an ordered and disciplined manner to assist the hardware, and people who don't know what to expect, and will often wave or poke at the screen in curiosity, wondering and seeking.

We tested it on our mother of course. Who was delighted at things we had nothing to do with, but was nice to know. She liked Windows 8 and the intel Ultrabook, so that's something!

The upshot is we've made an accurate simulation of what would happen if you put a soft bit of clay near a rampaging ape demanding food. It was a mess. But from this mess, we've learned some valuable lessons about response: you cannot simply make an app to your own expectations, but find a balance which is fun, engaging and creative for both ends of the spectrum and everything between. 

As for unchained melody - this might still play if we can detect hands overlapping hands. I think we can do that by looking for signs of a dropped signal, or confusion with the data

Next week I should have presentable graphics and we've begun preparing for a nice video post for you in the near future!

Till then,

Rob and Giuseppe

P.S I saw an ad for the Ultrabooks that we are all using whilst out and about and smiled:


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