GDC 2013: Interview with Simian Squared

At GDC 2013, Ultrabook Community Manager Bob Duffy sat down with Giuseppe Landolina, co-founder of Simian Squared and one of the Challengers in the Ultimate Coder Challenge: Going Perceptual contest. The Simian Squared team was at GDC to show off the latest version of their sculpting app as well as present on perceptual computing at the GDC Theater and interact with their fellow challengers and judges.

Impressions of the Ultimate Coder Challenge: Giuseppe stated that it has been “very exciting” to be part of this second Ultimate Coder Challenge, and he’s of the opinion that this is really just the beginning of a full-scale movement for this kind of immersive, intuitive interaction with our computer devices. The combination of Ultrabooks™ with perceptual computing technology makes for a very cutting-edge, futuristic experience.

Perceptual Computing SDK and camera: Using the Perceptual Computing SDK in tandem with the Creative* Interactive Gesture camera has been “very useful”. He reports that they’ve hit a few snags, but that’s really the nature of the Challenge itself: it’s all about pushing the boundaries and working with his fellow coders to overcome obstacles. Giuseppe has really appreciated the behind-the-scenes collaboration that has happened with his fellow Challengers over the weeks of the contest.

The project: The app that Simian Squared are creating for the contest is a sculpting platform. Basically, it’s a potter’s wheel and a lump of clay. The user is able to use their hands in mid-air to sculpt clay into anything that they can imagine. They’re using data from the depth camera to track hand movement, and they’re also looking at adding head tracking for added immersion.

The next two weeks: Simian Squared have a lot more to show us with their pottery app, and they congratulate their fellow coders on how well they are doing along with their community spirit. They look forward to debuting their app to the judges.


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