Intel IUEE Hackathon Day 3

Day 3 at the IUEE Hackathon

My third day at the IUEE hackathon was a bit less eventful than my first 2 days. Like before, the main room was crowded with participants looking forward to a day of learning how to build game, but had less need for mentors. I decided to take advantage of Ashish's bootcamp tutorial on how to program a game using HTML. This was a great opportunity for me to learn how to build a beginner game.

While the day started out slow for me, once the bootcamp started, it was very fun! I learned how to use HTML and make my own game. I was required to download some online images, and place them into the game. The purpose of this game was to move a cat across a green field. 

One thing that surprised me was how much I enjoyed the class! Although I had taken a class in my sophomore year of high school and pretty much had learned all the basics, I did not have much experience with HTML beyond that. The cool part about this class was that instead of designing a web page, I was making a game, and I really enjoyed that. 


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