How Social Media Pictures are Transforming Online Marketing

While businesses have relied on SEO-related text to help them market and sell products online, now online businesses are increasingly relying on images to help sell products and achieve greater ranking results.

 According to Wired, the text-driven model of e-commerce is beginning to change and giving way to a more visual form of shopping. Consumers are increasingly discovering products through high-resolution pictures of products favored by friends and online colleagues on social networks.

 “Social is very rapidly shifting away from text,” said Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate, in Wired. “It’s going to change shopping behavior both online and offline… This is the direction the world is moving – everyone has a cameraphone in their pocket, and the whole web is becoming high def.”

Facebook and the up and coming Pinterest are both sources that businesses are using to help them market products through pictures. These sites have become filled with photos of products and more used to promote businesses.

New tools like the fYO series of apps can help businesses find, save, archive and use photos in innovative new ways. This can help in marketing a business and products.

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