How Tablets can Transform Learning Math

Improving mathematics is a major educational challenge. Yet with new tablet computers, learning math can be much easier and effective.

With tablets and portable computers becoming more popular than ever, tablets are seen an imminent second wave of “must-have” technology for schoolchildren, according to the paperTablets are Coming to a School Near You by Peter Osmon from the Department of Education and Professional Studies, King’s College London.

The author suggests that because of the large screens, portability, memory and processing power, tablet computers can be powerful tool to learn mathematics in classroom settings and can help overcome the difficulties children face in learning math.

If every child had a Tablet PC in a math classroom, “it could make classroom learning more, but differently, organized and more intensive, just as modern office work is,” the author says. He suggests that since mathematics is a “thinking/doing” subject, timetabled mathematics laboratory classes are counter-cultural. Every math class should be like a laboratory class, yet technology to enable this process has previously been too expensive for this to be a reality, he writes.

 “There is a little time before the wave of tablet-owning children arrives in our schools,” the author writes. “It would be good to get ahead of the game- by using this time for some trials” of tablet-based math learning.


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