IUEE Portland 2013


It has now been a week since the end of Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience. I was lucky enough to be a part of an extraordinary program offered for freshman and sophomore engineers in Portland, Oregon. After having a week to debrief and catch up on things, I discovered many lasting effects from the program. I originally applied for this program out of the blue, not sure weather or not it would work out. To my surprise, I was selected to attend; I coudn't have been any more excited. I go to school at Oregon State University but was currently living in San Jose, California. The distance did not stop me, I packed my bags and embarked on a summer experience much different than anything I've done before. I moved up to Portland and began the IUEE program in July leaving my mind open to all possibilities.

During this experience I not only learned a lot about growing up and living in a new city, but more importantly, I learned a tremendous amount of things in the engineering field. We went through 6 weeks of learning different areas that are all parts of engineering which truly opened my eyes to the future ahead of me.

To sum it all up I have came to conclude of the most predominate lessons I learned through my IUEE experiences:

1. Networking is essential and worth doing

2. Find what you are passionate about and do just that

3. Its never too late to start on a new career path

4. Groups are way more productive than individual work if everyone puts in their effort

5. Pay attention to guest speakers, they are inspiring

6. You can always make new friends :)

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