Intel Developer Forum '13 -- Code for the Cloud Hackathon

Some time ago, I got a message. It was from a friend, an attendee of one IUEE13 workshop in Sacramento, which was a programming workshop that I helped facilitate.  The message said: "hey Edward! How's it going? I'm at the Sacramento Hackathon. And we're doing html5 again."  It makes me happy to hear there are people who continue to learn, where the motivation is to make something, instead of getting a grade for class.


T-Shirt design I made for the hackathon at IDF13

We just finished another hackathon, this one taking place at IDF13.  It was on cloud programming.  The goal was to make an app that was cloud aware, meaning it needed to have features like scaling to multiple servers, centralized database access, and/or fault tolerance.

Additional goals were cross compatibility, practicality, & "does it work".  It had to support multiple systems so more people could use it. It had to have a practical use; an educational math game is much more useful than a flashlight app. Most importantly, it had to work; we can't rate an app that doesn't even start.

There were 3 teams in this hackathon, for a little friendly competition.  The 2 student teams, & the Intel engineer team.  It might seem unfair to have the engineer team separate from the students, but they actually helped us out whenever we needed it. [thanks a bunch!]

In the end, both of our student groups had issues getting the apps to work with the cloud layer, so we only had regular apps with incomplete cloud awareness. They are great apps! [when they arent broken :P]

We were almost there; given another day, we may have had amazing things to present.  Once they work, I will post about them & show off our apps!

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