- New Mesh Agent on Google Play

Well, this is exciting! A week back we released and started testing a new Mesh Agent for Android published on the Google Play store. You can now manage your Android devices from! Since the new agent is just a normal Android application, you only need to install and activate it and you are ready to go. So, if you already have a account, just go to "My Account" / "Install" and select "Android/All" as the type of agent you want to install. Follow instructions from there.

If you are just getting started with, we published a Powerpoint presentation that shows how to install the new Mesh Agent step-by-step. Create a meshcentral account and get started, it's free. Actualy, it's not completely free, we need your feedback on any problems you encounter. If you have feedback, go to the Meshcentral information page and mail us.

Now, once you get the Mesh agent installed, what can you do? For now you can remotely access your files on the Android device from You can rename, move, upload, download, etc. You can also make the device vibrate, flash the light and send little remote messages. We have a Youtube video demonstrating the installation and the features of this agent.

Now for the technical part: Rick, my cubemate at Intel is the brains behind this new mesh agent port. The agent on Android is compiled using the Android NDK, so it's mostly native code which makes it very fast and efficient. We compiled the agent in what is called a "fat" binary, with x86, ARMv5, ARMv7 and MIPS architectures all rolled into one. The agent package is larger as a result of the support for all 4 architectures, but I hear Google optimizes this so you only keep in your phone the binary that is compatible with your phone.


Instructions on how to install the Mesh agent on Android.


Overview of the network routing used with and the Mesh Agent


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