Jeff's Notebook: Convenient and More Secure Login's - Intel Identity Protection Technology and MYDIGIPASS.COM

Login passwords, so important to protecting your various accounts or even your personal identity, but with all of our online accounts, what a pain passwords can be.  How do you remember all your user names and passwords?  Many people use the same user name and password for all of their online accounts. Very convenient, but so insecure!  What's worse, I have even heard that one of the most popular passwords is 12345. Hackers or criminals are just looking for easy ways to get into our online accounts and access our information or make illicit transactions.

Over the years, using multi-factor authentication or two-factor authentication methods have been developed and used to authenticate users that are logging into a network, website or online account. This protects the user, as well as, the website.  Still multi-factor authentication or two-factor authentication while being more secure, can also be inconvenient. One security authentication company, Vasco Data Security International, is providing their MYDIGIPASS.COM service solution that takes advantage of Intel Identity Protection Technology to provide a convenient and a more secure two-factor authentication method for users to utilize for their online accounts and to access their key websites. Watch this video about MYDIGIPASS.COM and Intel Identity Protection Technology to learn more.

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