Mixed results - some points to ponder | Making the “Big Change” – Again, E5

I like the phone and no complaints on the service model so far - since I think I understand the usage model. However, time to share some of the challenges:
The points to make today:
+ I've been able to use the phone throughout my not small home including the deepest recess of my basement
- Sitting in our main room conversing w/my mother had a number of breakup points, I think my WiFi coverage in THAT chair contributed (2-3 bars)
- Battery is draining fast, even if I only have the WiFi radio on, 6 hours of standby on max. May be the 100 apps I put on it. May go back to start and put just the necessaries on there.
=  Side question, WHY does EVERYTHING have to INSTALL? I want to run something and then turn it off. Not all that trivial a thing to do. How about a portablepps.com for ANDROID?
+ Data tethering works over my AT&T* iPhone* service, phone calls don't OK w/that
- I must have the cell radios on to text, kind of a drag in my current battery management mode
+/- Camera still being evaluated
- - The phone on its own has done a reset / reboot 3 times in 12 days (shuts itself off and then starts from boot screen). May be due to my putting too many apps on it, but I don't know yet. What I do know is after one of those reboots the phone stated it couldn't read the external SD card and asked to format it. I said no to format. Now I can't read the card on the phone or my computer.
- - - I have a dead 32G Sandisk uSD card
Since I consider myself a photographer, I'm sure I will dedicate at least one episode to my experience with the phone as camera. My iPhone 4S* has pretty much made my real camera a device for the "taking pictures day" since they do such a nice job with snapshots, spontaneous video, and they live in your pocket.  That said, the camera is OK.

- Low light performance seems to happen with more light than the 4S (so not as "good" w/low light as the iPhone in my opinion).
+ The phone has a dedicated shutter button exactly where it should be for landscape orientation and OK for portrait orientation
+ Images for "note taking", photo-copying,  and "here's my dinner" are fine
+/- Candid images are unknown as the dead uSD card had videos and stills of my daughter's band playing at the school basketball game. Seems Dropbox* didn't upload them before the uSD card died :(
That's it for today.  Bottom line, this service will absolutely work for me as my home phone. Jury is still out on the device. Reboots, Battery life and most importantly a reliable camera will make that decision for me and I am up for the task.
Making the “Big Change” – Again

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