- Run your own server with Mesh Server Installer

It’s been a long time coming but today is finally the day we released the first simple Mesh Server Installer allowing anyone to launch their own version of The new installer is available on the Meshcentral information page along with documentation. It’s pretty amazing software that will install: IIS, MSMQ, create certificates, generate crypto keys, create the database, pull the latest mesh agents, install the Platform Manager, pull loads of the latest web pages and software services from and much more. The installer will attempt to adapt to software that is already installed and do its best to maneuver thru a normally quite complicated setup. It turns a process that would take hours or days into a few minutes and generates certificates and crypto values that are unique to the new server.

This installer will make it easy for anyone to setup their own cloud server for remote management for all sorts of devices spanning different operating systems and architectures. Better yet, the cloud service makes advantage of many of Intel’s best platform features including Intel AMT with full support for fast call for help (CIRA), Intel IPT-PKI and more. Since the new server is hooked up to receive updates, the new cloud server will keep improving as new features are made available. This means that using Mesh’s usages or its infrastructure has never been easier.

Since this is the first version of the Mesh Server Installer, there may be some initial trashing. I am looking for people to use it and give us feedback. Get started with the documentation here. You need a recent version of Windows with Microsoft SQL Server and .NET 4.5. After that, the installer takes care of the rest. It will also try to guess the best possible values when possible for every option, so many people will not have to change anything and just click install.

For people not familiar with Meshcentral, we have slides at the top of this page.


The new Mesh Server Installer pulls the latest software from
and gets a fully working mesh server instance running in a few minutes.

The installation wizard drives users thru a few questions
and get them up and running quickly. No excuses!

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