Winner! - SxSW Day 2

Yes that's me accepting the major award of the ergonomic mouse, RollerMouse Red by Contour.  Pretty cool and makes up some ground for my missing the golf tournement - long story - and expensive :(  Really nice folks with a pretty cool product. They tweeted the photo here.

RollerMouse@RollerMouse18 hrs

Congrats @tcduncan on winning your RollerMouse Red @sxsw! Enjoy!

I spent the whole day in the tradeshow and still haven't sen it all.  Lots of good conversations that I expect will get more detailed treatment here in the future.  Highlights include @TechSmith, maker of my favorite video editor - Camtasia.  They have a new product that helps coaches and players analyze performance through processed video - they are interesed in the Intel SDKs.  Quite a few folks in the show have video conferencing componants to their training and collabertive apps.  I'll be researching them in the coming days.

I learned something else about the show.  There may be no reason to pay for food or drink, seems I just need to walk down the right street and i'll get asked to attend a party.  Thanks for dinner @StateFarmInsurance!

I look forward to closing out the tradeshow today and hope to attend a couple talks.  The Interactiove closing Keynote will be delivered Chelsea Clinton and Neil Young will be intervierwed later todaty either.  I missed out big yesterday I guess.  Nick Cage, Edward Snowden & Justin Beiber were all here in person or virtually.

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