- Quick update

Just a quick update to say that Meshcentral is really taking off and I am getting a lot of email. Sorry to everyone that mailed me and not getting responses, I am working really long hours to fix issues and answer as many mails as I can. In other notes, two weeks back I launched a second server ( that takes care of the information portal and updating all other mesh server instances. This should put a load off the main server. The information portal and server updates did cause spikes in traffic that caused poor performance of the main server from time to time, this should fix that issue.

I did work out an improved way to do message passing with MSMQ and so, some of the problems around Mesh server message bus should be much better on and working on fixes for other servers.

Oh, I am working on another wonderful feature for Meshcentral, but it's probably 2 weeks off since this one is very complex. More to come...


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