Reminded of What Matters: SxSW Day 4

All too often things happen around us that are out of our control. Many of them are blessings, some are not. We were reminded on Thursday morning that being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be tragic. Twenty-three people were injured, and two perished when someone else made some very bad decisions here in Austin.
This was to be my bonus day here, and it turned out to still provide me with lessons, just a few more than I would have thought. I have so many people in my life who cared enough to reach out and check-in with me yesterday since they knew I was at this conference / festival. It distracted me a bit from my task of reaching out to developers but gave me great pause to remember to never take any day and anyone for granted.
While on a much smaller personal scale, the event did actually remind me of an app I heard about on the radio last month ( "I'm Alive" was developed by Sandra Hassan, a Lebanese-born graduate student in Paris to help her keep in touch with her loved ones in her home country. This is an app I think unfortunately has a place in today's world.
My heart aches for all those suffering from Thursday morning's incident.
My day did close with a touching tribute to the victims when the show I caught asked and received a moment of silence for them. Reminds me there is light, even when darkness clouds our vision. I'll present my closing thoughts on my professional experience at SxSW in a future entry. For today, I'll count my blessings.
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