- Android Photos, Contacts and QR codes

This week, we have a bunch of Meshcentral improvements for Android. Android devices are increasingly of interest and being able to activate and provide a rich set of experiences on these devices is important for Intel. Rick Edgecombe has updated the Mesh Agent on the Google Play store with enhanced data gathering capability and Matt Primrose built a greatly improved user interface on with new photo and contacts features. The new photo option pulls a list of pictures from the phone along with thumbnails for each picture. Users can browser pictures on the web site and simply click on the pictures to download them at full resolution. The new contacts option allows users to browse thru contacts on the phone that comes from various source (Phone, Google, Facebook) into a single merged view. You can search from contacts with a text search. Once you click on a contact, various icons allow users to click and dial a number of the phone, open a web site on the desktop or on the device open and address on the desktop using Google map or open the default map application on the device. The result is a blending of the usages between the desktop and the mobile device.

Rick Edgecombe has also been working on ways to simplify the activation of the Mesh agent. Once you download the agent from the Google Play store, you need to associate it with a Mesh server and user account. An activation code or URL is typically used, but Rick added a QR code reader in the Mesh agent, enabling users to simply snap a picture of a QR code on the Meshcentral web site to activate the device. User can also cut & paste e-mail the QR code and URL to others if needed. This new feature is available in addition to the existing activation code and will help users get started with Mesh on their Android device faster than ever before.

Matt & Rick recorded a Youtube video about the new features:

These new features along with the many smaller improvements in this new Mesh agent continues move Meshcentral forward as a unique way to blend the PC and mobile world. Even better, Meshcentral allows using to setup their own Meshcentral server and so, setup a powerful personal cloud.

We want to give special thanks to the ZXing project. We used their open source code in this latest Android agent for performing QR code scanning. They have a great library, it was easy to use.


Meshcentral now displays a QR code that the new Mesh Agent can scan to setup Mesh.
Makes it easy to setup Mesh on any Mesh server, not just
Check out the demonstration video



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