Accessing Intel AMT: QWERTY vs QWERTY vs QWERTZ

Having trouble logging into the Intel AMT WebUI after you are certain everything has been configured correctly?  Did you recently start using a different keyboard or perhaps you are using a VM that was created with US-based language settings?  There are many different QWERTY (and QWERTZ) keyboards in use world-wide.  Below is just an example of 3 (US QWERTY, UK QWERTY, and German QWERTZ.) 

The issues when accessing the Intel AMT Web UI or the MEBx on an Intel AMT system starts with the BIOS/MEBX screens in that they expect key sequences that are based on the US QWERTY-based keyboard. This can be a big problem if the "@" symbol is one of your favorite special characters to use in your MEBx password.  For example, let's take a look a where the @ symbol is on 3 different keyboards:

  • US-QWERTY:  @ is Shift-2
  • German-QWERTY:  @ is AltGR-Q
  • UK-QWERTY: @ is Shift-'

This is just one issue. Many keyboards have special characters as well, such as German umlauts (Ä, Ö, Ü, ä, ö, ü.)  If you suspect that you may be having a keyboard issue, you will need to enter your password in terms of the layout the US QWERTY keyboard.

In summary, if you are having issues accessing Intel AMT and you are certain you are typing in your password correctly, check the following items:

  • Your keyboard - are you using a different keyboard (that has international differences?)
  • How about your Host OS or VM?  Make sure your OS/VMWare environment is set with the correct Regional and Language settings.



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