Looking at big data performance

My very first Intel blog entry!! Exciting!!

I just came back from a 3 days trip to San Jose where I attended the Hadoop Summit. It was great to see the level of energy around all big data technologies and how they address (and solve) real world problems. I must admit I spend too much time in our lab and don’t get the opportunity to talk often enough to the community. Well that was my chance. I listened and learned a lot from the Hadoop leaders and attendees.  I was amazed that most of the performance talks I attended filled up their rooms! People genuinely seem to care about speeding up their workloads!!?? What an exciting development! We (at Intel) do a lot of research on performance and my focus is Hadoop performance!! A lot of our findings often end up in the oubliettes, which is unfortunate as I now believe the community might find them valuable.  After that revelation, I decided to share some of our work on a blog. It will be a collection of Java, Hadoop, NoSQL, real-time analytics performance tuning and analysis that didn’t fit into a white paper or publication!

Next week, we will discuss tuning Java GC for HBase!

Stay tuned!!

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