Mesh Central meets Use Case Reference Designs

For a few years now I've been working on "Use Case Reference Designs" (UCRDs) for vPro, and AMT. The idea behind these is to take a technology like IDE Redirection (a feature on all computers that have AMT) and create a use case that can be used with it. For example, if you work on a help desk, I imagine there are times when you need to access the files on your customer's computer. E.G. find and delete all the files that came from the latest adware that the customer downloaded between their regular calls. Well, IDE Redirection you can boot their computer to a remote ISO image. So, I made an ISO called Remote Drive Mount that, when booted, allows you, the help desk technician, to mount and access all files on the remote computer. Neat, huh?

In parallel, Yllian has been making HUGE progress on Mesh Central. This includes the ability to use many of the incredible AMT capabilities, like remote KVM, and remote power on/off. But, Mesh has never been able to use IDE Redirection...that is until now! Yillian and I are working together to enable IDE Redirection in Mesh. By taking the basic concept of a UCRD, and many of the same building blocks, we can enable Mesh Central to perform various use cases built on top of IDE Redirection.

This opens up the possibility to do remote repair, virus scanning, OS reimaging, temporary work spaces, and much more. We do this by building the ISO image on the server prior to each session. This way it is tailored specifically for the client being managed, and the use case being requested. The best part is that the user doesn't have to worry about which ISO to use or how to attach it. Just click a button and go, Mesh Central and the newly created ISO image will handle the rest.

If you think about it, Mesh Central and UCRDs are a perfect match. They translate the art of the possible into real user value. I look forward to working with Ylian in the future!


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