Ultimate MakerSpace Launches at Intel Developer Forum


If you've been to some of Intel's events, especially ones for developers, you know that every so often there's something amazing that happens. If you attended Elements, you remember the bumper cars and video arcade.  If you attended CES in 2010 you'll remember Intel's large "Infoscape" interactive cube. Or perhaps you attended the MeeGo event in Dublin's where Intel took over Aviva stadium.  This year at the 2014 Intel Developer Forum, we have another can't miss activity going on, called the Intel Ultimate MakerSpace. This will take a bit to explain below, but I encourage any developer who is in the area and can make it to IDF, to try, and experience this year’s Ultimate MakerSpace.  However before I go too much further know we have a special offer. We are granting FREE day pass access to IDF for attendees who sign up to participate in one of our Ultimate MakerSpace activities.  Read the rest to learn more.

First it is important to note, that this year, things are going to be a bit different for IDF. We will of course have a keynote, an exciting tech showcase, and variety of technical sessions as we do every year.  However expect another conference happening at the same time.  A conference that is highly engaging and highly innovative for maker and creators alike. You'll hear those terms a lot at this year’s event; Makers and Creators. System developers, software engineers, hardware developers and embedded developers are terms for another age. This year it's Makers and Creators. This year we've built an event that will showcase, train and get all attendees actively engaged around Making and Creating.

We are doing this with a new pilot activity called the Intel Ultimate MakerSpace. This space is broken into 2 areas; a Showcase Space, and a Workshop/Challenge Space.  On the 3rd floor of Moscone West you will find our Showcase. The showcase will have exhibits and demos that attendees can interact with. Think of this like a science fair within IDF.  From printable chocolate stations, to 3D body scans, to roving robots and more, attendees will get hands on time with cool inventions and creations.  If it lights up, moves and is excites the mind, you'll find it in the Showcase 

The Workshop/Challenge space will be located on the 2nd floor room 2011. This will room will  have a Workshop/Challenge area, that can accommodate 96 attendees taking 2 hours classes or participating in 90 minute code challenges. These are designed to allow anyone of any skill to drop in and experience making and creating first hand. The most impressive efforts will be awarded prizes at the end of each day.  Technical  are Challenges running each day:
- Andy Comic: Using HTML5 create an comic of our favorite Android robot. We'll give you a head start but you finish the code and make it fun
- Hack-The-App: This is a full featured HTML5 arcade game. The real game is to change and add to the code.  How well can you Hack-The-App
- Alien Detector: Aliens have invaded.  You will sensors and Intel Galileo board, Can you determine who is human and who is alien
- Spaceman Health Detector: You're in space, time is not on your side, you need to check your health, and all you have are some sensors and Intel Galileo board
And finally in the same room we will have a Networking area where we will have fun non technical challenges for Makers and Creators to meet and engage each other.

Now, for all of this to be amazing we need amazing people who can participate.  We are seeking a few hundred or so Makers and Creators in the area to join us and make this an awesome event.  For those wanting to sign-up for our Workshop we have a special offer, a FREE day pass for you (SORRY WE ARE OUT OF FREE PASSES).  That’s right you get into IDF and all that is going on for FREE.  Act fast as spots may go fast. If you are wanting to engage and participate in Making and Creating register for IDF2014 using this code: CDPMAKER.  As well if you want to attend the full IDF experience, all 3 days with or without dedicating time to the MakerSpace, we have a discounted developer pass for you as well. 
Hope to see you there.

  • IDF Maker Single Day Pass - $0  Code: CDPMAKER
    (Free - participate one or more activity in the Ultimate MakerSpace):

  • IDF Full 3 Day Pass for Developers - $695 Code: BUBDRD

Follow this link to register for IDF2014 

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