Game On!

At Intel, we're always excited to be supporting our videogame developers. This summer, we had the opportunity to bring two of our popular #BuzzWorkshop series to San Francisco and Seattle where the best and brightest videogame developers with industry influencers met to address the challenges and opportunities in gaming. Each day-long workshop was packed with technical sessions, industry panels, networking sessions and a developer showcase.

While we saw great talent throughout the BuzzWorkshops, it was during the developer showcase that attendees presented their current projects to the event crowd. We were impressed by the quality of talent from the audience with themes ranging from colorful rhythm/music games to an RTS zombie Apocalypse. If this year's winners were any indication for what's hot for 2015, it looks like nautical underwater adventures are in.

For San Francisco, we kicked the BuzzWorkshop series off in a chic art gallery where we were surrounded by stunning visual art. Our friends at Sixense and Anki Drive provided cool swag and entertainment between sessions.

For Jacob Lorentzen of Arachnid Games, the winner of the San Francisco Developer showcase, participating turned out to be a fruitful experience. "As indies we don't have marketing. At all." Jacob noted. "It feels extremely good to win the showcase, especially because it was shown to our peers."



Arcachnid Games featured Diluvion, "A game about captaining a submarine in a cut-off, submerged world, covered by Ice." The aesthetics and music stunned the crowd, achieving the highest number of votes among the San Francisco BuzzWorkshop attendees. "Navigate the depths for profit and glory, and unravel the intricacies of this sunken world."

Diluvion will be available for Mac and PC in Fall 2015.

Sleepless in Seattle, hardly, we saw equally amazing talent and enthusiasm from our northwest videogame developers. Partnering with DigiPen, aleader in game development education, their campus was perfect for our BuzzWorkshop. Anki Drive reprised their role in providing entertainment between sessions with attendees racing cars. We brought in delicious food catered by Seattle food truck favorite:Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen

Special thanks to our event sponsors:Logitech and GlobalStep. Logitech gave a sneak peek of some new products designed for gamers and provided cutting-edge gaming gear for a few lucky attendees. GlobalStep were also active participants and apprised developers of their game testing solutions. DigiPen student and Seattle developer showcase winner, Seth Weedin, explained why he participated in the BuzzWorkshop event. "I'm always looking for a chance to get the game out there, and what better place than a workshop full of talented developers hosted by Intel!"

Seth presented Subray - an abstract, underwater exploration game with a focus on survival in an alien world. The BuzzWorkshop attracted seasoned industry veterans to aspiring developers and featured panels with titans of the game developer world like Oculus, ArenaNet, and

"Winning the Developer Showcase was a good experience and something I didn't anticipate!" Seth recalled, "I was excited to be a part of it and to get in touch with other developers. Every dev has their story, so it was not only cool to get my team's own out there, but to hear from others as well."

Subray is free for download right now at

We were pleased to continue the BuzzWorkshop annual tradition, and look forward to building on these great events as the series continues as we head to London and Stockholm this fall. Stay tuned and check for updates at #BuzzWorkshop

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