Pixel Rift wins Developer Showcase at Buzz Workshop in London

Pixel Rift wins Developer Showcase at Buzz Workshop in London

The Intel Buzz workshops bring together regional game developers, so they can stay up-to-date on game development and graphics for Android* and Windows*. The workshops include a Developer Showcase, where developers can pitch their games to an audience of their peers.

Ana Ribeiro came to the Buzz workshop in London to highlight Pixel Rift*, the unique upcoming game that she created and is developing for the  Oculus Rift* virtual reality (VR) headset. She won the workshop’s Developer Showcase for her work on the game. Ana is a student and game developer at the National Film and Television School* in London. We caught up with her to discuss Pixel Rift and her award.

Pixel Rift at Buzz

Figure 1: Presenting Pixel Rift at the Buzz Workshop

Pixel Rift - an immersive nostalgia trip

With the PC enabling innovative technology like Oculus Rift, developers across the world can build amazing things. Ana shares Intel’s enthusiasm about the power of VR to engage gamers, so she’s now developing exclusively for VR and is excited to see what the future holds.

As a kid of the 80s, Ana watched the game industry exploding. Her sense of nostalgia and love of games from all eras prompted her to develop Pixel Rift for the Oculus Rift. In the game you play through time, living different episodes of your life. The game mirrors each gamers’ life experiences as you do the things we all do in our lives, like going to school, working, having kids, and growing up. As in life, you never have enough time to play games. Games are woven through your in-game life experiences, as you must continually find ways to play a game within the game.

Pixel Rift boss fight

Figure 2: Boss fight at school!

When she first tried the Oculus Rift, Ana knew she had found something special. She bought a DK1 developer kit and started playing with it. Other school projects forced her to delay this project at first. Then, this game came to her in a dream, and she knew the Oculus Rift was the ideal technology to deliver the game experience she was looking for. She has since been developing Pixel Rift for her final project at NFTS.

Pixel Rift uses the unique strengths of VR to draw you into the game world. It’s a compelling experience as you dive into a world within a world and game within a game. Ana is enthusiastic about Oculus Rift, as it’s the best technology she’s seen for transporting people into a game world. It’s far more immersive than any earlier VR technology.

Because the game uses VR exclusively, the best way to get a sense of the game is to play it. If you don’t have an Oculus Rift, check out this video.

About the Buzz workshops
The Buzz Workshops bring together developers like Ana from around the world, to share their unique perspectives in one place. These developers study the latest state of the art alongside Intel game development experts.

These workshops bring together developers’ creativity and industry knowledge with the cutting-edge technology of Intel.

Ana found the workshop to be a great opportunity. Because it was such a well-organized and professional event and brought together a diverse set of developers, it gives her faith in the game development industry. The Developer Showcase was her first time winning something too!

Pixel Rift wins the Developer Showcase

Figure 3: Winning the Developer Showcase

What's next?

Stay tuned for a Buzz Workshop in a city near you and stay on top of the latest development trends in the Intel Game Developer Community.

Ana is continuing her studies and working on Pixel Rift, with help from a small team. Check out Pixel Rift as development continues. For other developers, Ana encourages you to do what you believe in and find something that nobody else is doing. She also recommends that you draw on your own life experiences to make your game unique. It’s OK to do something crazy or weird. If it’s unique, you will find your audience.

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Paul Lindberg is a Senior Software Engineer in Developer Relations at Intel. He helps developers all over the world to ship kick-ass games and other apps that shine on Intel platforms.


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