Buzz Workshop Showcase Winner - Subray


Intel is seeking partnerships with independent game developers.  At a recently hosted Buzz Workshop in Seattle at DigiPen, Intel hosted a variety of panels, tech sessions, networking opportunities, and face time between game developers and Intel experts. Over 100 local developers showed up to network, eat good food, and learn from Intel veterans.  Guests hung out and mingled with each other, collaborated on all elements of game development, and enjoyed a general evening of “nerding out”.

Talks, demos, and panel discussions led the first half of the evening, while the second half of the event focused on the attendees with a Developer Showcase. Audience members voted on teams of Buzz Workshop attendees who participated in a contest for the best game pitch by presenting a game trailer and/or live demo of their current title.  An audience consisting of peer game developers voted real time for the best game concept.

And the Winner Is

SubRay, a game from the halls of DigiPen won the Developer Showcase.  SubRay is an underwater exploration game set on an alien planet, where you the user have just crashed landed, losing all of your equipment.  The environment of SubRay takes your breath away, as the artwork is truly beautiful.  The aesthetics are delightfully creative and unique, while compelling the user to explore the environment with an innovative use of dark space.


“With SubRay, we aimed not only to install a sense of awe through the environment and its inhabitants, but to contrast that awe with danger, and fear of the unknown.” - A quote from one of the developers, Seth Weedin


Progressing through the environment of SubRay requires a creative use of game mechanics.  Do you want to try to sneak past the next pack of creatures, or fight them with depth charges and your trusty mining blaster?  A user has to be aware of his environment at all times due to potential danger lurking in the shadows.


Just in time for GDC 2014, SubRay debuted in its Pre-Alpha stage. SubRay was developed by Team Atmos, a collection of impressive up and coming developers from Seattle’s own DigiPen Institute of Technology Department of Digital Arts.  Team Atmos is currently working on a new project creating a 3d engine from the ground up to use in a new game titled Dischord.


Dischord follows the same vein of dark space aesthetics taking key learnings from SubRay.  The creative use of visual void hones the player’s focus towards auditory gameplay elements for a unique gameplay experience.  Team Atmos has created a hybrid deferred\forward DX 11 rendering engine for Dischord in collaboration with fellow DigiPen students using C++. 


To download the demo of SubRay, visit SubRay’s Website:

To hear chilling music from Dischord’s sound track, click on the following link:


About the Author:

Landyn Pethrus is an engineer at Intel, avid gamer, and hardware enthusiast.  When Landyn is not fountain sniping with Ancient Apparition, slaying bosses, or pursuing higher level education, he can be found on the rivers of Oregon fishing.


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