Archived - RealSense Unity Toolkt and Unity 5. Unity 5 needs 64 bit DLLs

The Intel® RealSense™ SDK has been discontinued. No ongoing support or updates will be available.

While experimenting with RealSense and Unity 5 the other day, I discovered that I was getting the following error.

Failed to load 'Assets/Plugins/libpxccpp2c.dll', expected 64 bit architecture (IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_AMD64),but was IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_I386.....

What this means is that the libpxccpp2c.dll getting distributed by the RealSense Unity Toolkit is the 32 bit version of the DLL.  There is a very simple fix which is to simply copy the 64bit version and replace the 32 bit version of the DLL into Assets/Plugins.

You can find the 64bit version at <install folder>\RSSDK\bin\64bit.


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