Women in Technology in México and Argentina

As part of its efforts to encourage women's involvement in technology, Intel® Software is executing a series of Android* training events dedicated entirely to women.

Influencing the ecosystem is core to the Software and Services Group (SSG). So it makes sense to leverage that influence and the skills within the group to make a difference in the movement to improve diversity in the industry. BK set the tone at CES this year, stating that “Intel will take the lead and be accountable to solve a problem in our industry that is considered by some to be impossible.” It will take one Intel to achieve this goal and all hands are on deck. Here’s a sampling of SSG’s efforts to shift the paradigm. 

CodeForWomen - Córdoba, Argentina

Intel Argentina organized and executed the first developer event 100% dedicated to women in Argentina. The June 4 event focused on Android* training including Intel tools (HAXM, XDK, etc) and cloud testing services.

The event also included great inspirational keynotes from our female managers in charge of world wide security projects. 

This event was the kick-off of a series of technical training events consisting of 10 Android technical classes of 4 hours each that will begin in Q3 2015. This was our very first experience hosting an event of this kind. It took place in our meeting space in Intel offices in Córdoba, Argentina.

CodeForWomen - Guadalajara, Mexico

Intel® Guadalajara organized and executed the first developer event 100% dedicated to women in Mexico. The June 26 event included Android training about Intel® tools (Intel® HAXM, Intel® XDK, Intel® INDE) and cloud testing services. 

It was a day long activity that took place in the new Intel® offices in Guadalajara, Mexico. The event included a series of “Ignite” presentations from local women who are currently involved in business, government, and education. We were very excited to find ourselves hosting 154 developers who hopefully each went away with a better understanding of how our Intel tools can help them create new and exciting technologies.


The CodeForWomen effort is growing and is sure to make a difference by the time BK’s 2020 deadline for increasing diversity rolls around. 

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