How to Launch Your Startup using Android* or iOS* App

A startup launch begins with an idea that innovates human life or makes things easier. Most of the startups try to bring innovative products and services which haven't been offered yet.

The possible idea of a startup that begins as an app can't be underestimated---Because, there are hundreds of examples that began with the just smartphone apps and turned out to be profitable companies.

Entrepreneurs' biggest dream is to make their companies or bring new ideas to life---Now the mobile applications have opened the space for those entrepreneurs.

What is a Startup?

A Startup is an innovative product or service based new company which is launched as an average company under the small or mid-sized scale business category.

The startup has now been assumed as a new entrepreneurial idea which has never been seen in the market yet.

Why an App based startup?

Android and iOS are the biggest mobile operating systems in the world, followed by Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS. Most of the mobile app development is being done for Android and iOS.

There are specific elements which make us believe that an app based startup can be a possibility. Take a look:

To Meet Technologically Aware Audience

Whenever a startup that is based on an app is launched, it attracts the audience. People with smartphones somehow find out about those apps through different means.

Most of the people who keep an eye on the technological updates - They follow tech blogs and technology news to find what Apple, Samsung, and other electronic manufacturers have to offer.

For instance, Jeni Axline got an idea of a mom-advice startup when she became a mother, and she launched a startup Parenthood to help new parents. The idea was based on the advice, interaction, and ideas to the new parents.

A Chance to Get a Wider User base

One of the perks of launching an app based startup is, you have a chance to get a wider range of users without doing much - People will market you themselves if they like your product.

It happens. Haven't you referred a cool iPhone* app to anyone?

We all do.

Uber, Meerkat, and Snapchat are the examples of this element. Once you come with an attractive idea with your app or game, all you need is initial push, it could be advertising, media coverage, or anything related to online promotion, once the process begins, people start promoting it unintentionally, only if they like it.

Virality of App on the Internet

Virality factor is one of the strongest points to justify an app based startup idea. Things always go viral on the internet.

Did you remember Flappy Bird*? It was estimated that it earned almost $10,000 a day.

You must have heard about Temple Run game? This game actually introduced the concept of running games.

Virality is probably one of the reasons why many startup owners think to base their startup idea on an application.

Social Media for Popularity

Once you get popular on social media, you won't need anything else. Thanks to the social media websites like Facebook* and Twitter* where resharing factor is extremely important, and the concept of the resharing actually triggers brands, products, or ideas to get popular.

It's natural and interesting. The best thing about social media sharing is, you can't really force this. Once people like something, they will naturally share with their friends or followers.

How to Launch an App based Startup?

App development can bring great results. What needs to be taken care is how you execute the plan. There are four basic steps to start an app based startup:

Step #1: Bring the Best Idea for an App

The idea matters. Think a couple of times before finalizing the idea. The concept should be new, entertaining, and helpful for the audience. It might not help you if you start competing with free text messaging and calling services like WhatsApp, Viber, Tango, Line, and WeChat. They are already there and dominating globally. You won't be able to beat them unless you bring something new and additional in your free text messaging and calling app.

Step #2: Create a Solution for People

People like things that make their lives easier. Your app based startup should truly give some solution to the people's problems. For instance, Google Fit is an android app from google to keep your fitness record and health management system on the go. It's a different app and it would help people to make things better in their real life.

It doesn't necessarily mean that it should be health and fitness-related app to help people in real life.

Microsoft Office Mobile makes your office work easier when you can work on your smartphone or tablet. Polaris Office is another office related android app to work on the doc, docx, and txt files.

These were the good examples to explain how the utility of an app helps any android or iOS app to get success. An app based startup's success completely relies on the success of the app.


Step #3: Platforms to Consider

Normally most of the startups that consider an app based startup, they begin either with an iOS app or an android app - Once they get through with their first edition/platform, they move to the others. Many apps get released just for iOS or Android, once they make little impact in the tech industry, they roll on the other platforms like Windows Phone, BlackBerry etc.

For example, Meerkat was initially released on iPhone, and later on it was made available to Android.


Step #4: Team Selection to Develop that App

The selection of team would play a big role in your app's success. Once you decide to hire an app developer, make sure he/she has the ability and caliber to read your idea and expectation. Many app startups get outsourcing service from app development companies.

CitrusBits is an experienced app development company which offers high-quality, effective, and affordable iOS and Android app development service.

Your Part

Digging out the right idea and hiring the right people to execute your app development program will surely help you to get through.

What else would you do to make your app based startup a reality?

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