Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories | March

Level Up Contest 2017

Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest

The contest is now accepting entries. Now is your chance to create a new game that showcases the potential of multicore scaling, the latest processors from Intel, or other next generation innovation.

Affective Computing

The Human Side of Artificial Intelligence: Affective Computing

Can we teach machines to have emotions? Learn more about how affective computing can enrich our lives.

kdb+ Superior Performance

Superior kdb+* Performance on the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Product Family

Kx* Systems demonstrates that their database can adopt the principles of parallel programming and perform well on the Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor.

Environmental Sensors

IoT Reference Implementation

Learn how to build an environmental monitoring solution using IoT components from Intel.

Combating VRS

Combating Virtual Reality (VR) Sickness with User Experience Design

Well Told Entertainment tackles nausea that is caused by immersive VR experiences.

Can Technology Replace the Eye?

Can Technology Replace the Eye?

Learn how technology advancements, especially those emulating the human brain and eye, are quickly evolving and may soon replace the human eye.

Google* Cloud Platform

Create Agile IoT Solutions

Using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform* service, developers can quickly move from prototype to product, while scaling to meet their growing data needs

Apache Spark*

BigDL: a Distributed Deep Learning Library on Apache Spark*

Find out more about deep learning support, high single-node Intel® Xeon® processor performance, and efficient scaling that leverages Apache Spark architecture.

Jason Rinehart

High-Performance Computing Server Demos at Supercomputing 16

Take a look at demonstrations from Intel's booth on software-defined infrastructure, visualization, analytics, simulation, and DNA sequencing..

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