Setting up the new Intel DLSDK Tools Beta



In this Document we will go through installing the Deep Learning Training Tools beta.

First we head to the following website address

Then we need to click on download

We need to install locally for that we have chosen Ubuntu VM and we will have to select the linux option. Then it redirects to fill all the details which we need to fill in and click on submit.

From the following we need to select the Linux version.

Now we need to save the file.

After saving we need to copy the file to the home directory and create a folder to keep it.'

We have to extract the file in the folder we created.

In the next step we have to open it up in terminal.

We need to get into the folder and setup the tool using following commands.

To run a command as administrator (user "root"), use "sudo <command>".
See "man sudo_root" for details.

abhi1@ubuntu:~/DeepLearning$ dir
dl-sdk-training-tool-1.0.1143  dl-sdk-training-tool-1.0.1143-linux.tar.gz
abhi1@ubuntu:~/DeepLearning$ cd dl-sdk-training-tool-1.0.1143
abhi1@ubuntu:~/DeepLearning/dl-sdk-training-tool-1.0.1143$ dir
aws.template	  third-party-programs.rtf
k8s				  version.txt
abhi1@ubuntu:~/DeepLearning/dl-sdk-training-tool-1.0.1143$ sudo ./ -toolpassword 123 -toolport 8081



The snap shot shows the process.


In the next step it will download Docker and install it.The script will configure everything for us.

Finally after the steps installation will be complete.

Finally we need to open the tool in browser.


Put in your password that you have set.

The homepage for the first time will look like this.


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